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Siri Sakulyong

Braille Education Tool

Curio is a portable practice device for braille students, designed to increase daily braille exposure, develop tactile and auditory skills as well as offer an engaging, self-motivated learning experience outside of class environment. 

Braille is a tactile code used to represent the alphabet to grant access to information to visually impaired individuals. Experience through trained sensitivity, teaching and learning Braille remains a challenge with literacy rate in the US at a mere 40%


Braille education is largely limited to a one on one interaction between instructor and student


Braille exposure is close to zero in a day to day life of a student


Instructor is limited to primitive tools, such as muffin tin and tennis balls


assistive technology is priced at an unaffordable range and generally not accessible to the users

Special Thanks to LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired


To Erin Lauridsen, Access Technology Director, who allowed me to join LightHouse Lab, a specialized think tank for pitching solutions for the community, when I first began.


To Divina Carlson, LightHouse Braille Instructor, who showed me her tools and methods, and allowed me to pitch my concepts and test my prototypes.

We do not need pity, nor do we need to be reminded that we are vulnerable. We must be treated as equals — and communication is the way we can bring this about. Live without seeing, but be what you are. Braille is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Louis Braille

LightHouse Lab - specialized thinktank for visual impairment design and technology



I design with attention to stories behind the facts. Often inspired by nature and ecosystem, I strive  to create meaningful designs that are considerate, human, and leave an impact. 

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