Spontaneous moments meet dynamic spaces

Open Office Furniture System

Möta is a system of playful, modular furniture that adapts to meet the daily work needs of one to four people in an open office environment.

Kat Zhembrovska

Finding a comfortable, reliable workspace in a hectic open office environment can be challenging.


Open offices have a constant background 

buzzing due to the nature of the floor layout. 

Social/ Public Proximital Space

Movement in the general space causes visual and verbal interruptions.

Personal Proximital Space

A general lack of privacy and loss of personal allotted space.

"When we feel that we are on display, part of our mind is preoccupied by social pressures"

-Harvard Organizational Behavior 

It becomes a work situation
where you are asking yourself;

Do I look busy? vs. Am I doing my best work?

The Möta Furniture System

+Two seating sections with underneath storage

+Modular acoustic panels made from industrial felt (also functions as pin up board)

+A floating partition with a whiteboard, acoustic backing panel

+A curved table for one to two people

The felt acoustic beans magnetically mount on the steel, gridded frame. Together, they create an office camouflage that masks the internal workspace and internal soundscape. 

A temporary workspace personalized

Through providing the option of modulating the organic bean forms of the acoustic panels, the user is able to orient themselves with the space in a more personal manner. This is a way to make the space feel their own, which cultivates a familiarity with the surrounding environment and feeds into a conducive, healthy workflow state.

Möta provides the individual with a reliable place to venture when their personal desk's surrounding environment togs at their attention in a manner that is not conducive to their personal productivity.


Möta is easy to modulate to fit small group collaborations of two to four people without having to relocate within the office.

Facilitating spontaneous open office moments

Individually or in a small team, this dynamic space aids in maintaining a focused mindful workflow and comfortable proximital, ambulatory work environment



Hello! I'm Kat, a multi-discipline designer with a passion for hands on, handmade products, which drives my curiosity in exploring the emotional tactility of objects. I enjoy designing for comfort.

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