Jason Wang

Umpire Augmentation

"AR-MLB", a smart Umpire helmet that augments officiating and fan experience in the MLB. In short, the helmet not only uses Augmented Reality technology to aid Umpires in making pitch calls, but also opens up a potential fan experience of using first person perspective, which allows fans to enjoy games by seeing close-up, player's perspective game actions.

A smart Umpire helmet that augments
officiating and fan experience in the MLB



Augmented Reality

Using AR to change officiating in baseball

Demo Video

AR HUD Design

Fan Experience



Watching Baseball in Umpire's perspective

Watching baseball

as if you part of the game!



Augments Officiating and fan experience

About me

Jason Wang

I'm Jason. Born in the Bay Area and raised in Taiwan, my cultural background has trained me to be a very curious and adventurous designer. Recently, I graduated from the ID program in CCA. The curriculum at CCA has taught me to be an innovative designer. My academic projects in school relate to diverse fields, such as gastronomy, consumer electronics, sports, and transportation. Overall, I am very excited for the first stage of my design career. Find out more about me here.

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