biofeedback meditation

Eddie Aye

mindfulness meditation tool

Umbra is a light that integrates meditation into your workspace. Using biofeedback of the physiological body, Umbra provides a real-time visualization of the breathe as an aid for meditation and mindful awareness.

How does it work?

Umbra detects your breathing pattern and matches your breathe with a gentle glow. The real-time visualization functions as a meditation aid to help the user focus on their breathe. The glow is also a direct practice in mindful awareness.



Yo! I’m a San Francisco based industrial designer, fabricator, and sculptor. I'm fascinated with how an idea can manifest and transform into tangible reality. I am deeply inspired by my friends and family to be my best self and reach for the stars. When I’m not trying to design three things at once, you can find me playing music or learning a new skill.

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