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Mela - Smart Sleep System

Mela smart sleep system combines smart functionality with luxurious comfort to give you the best, most relaxing sleep possible.It has multiple sleep aid technologies including sleep and wake-up light , sleep posture corrector,  snore detection and prevention, and sleep tracking and analysis,


We spend about one-third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do.

The recommended minimum of sleep is 7-9.Unfortunately many of us sleep far less than that.

 The goal of this project is to improve the quality of sleep for those who suffer from sleep problems.

Effects of sleep deprivation






Sleep Apnea




Sleep Environment


Snoring Partner

How might we solve all these sleep problems by changing and improving sleep environment ?


Sleep Light

 Sleep light emits red light to users to relax the brain and promote production of melatonin level.  It makes user sleepy and help to get into sleep faster and better

Wake-up Light

Wake-up light emitted white light in the morning to stimulate your brain and it has positive effect on wake your body up and help to maintain your biorhythm.

Customize your comfort

5 Air chamber inside of pillow let you  customize with a large range of options for raising and lowering but is also soft and firm.

Sleep position correction

As your sleep position changes throughout the night, the pillow gently move your neck to have ideal posture and aligns your neck.

Nothing to wear

Unlike the other sleep aid device, Mela doesn’t need to wear any device on your body. By simply laying on the bed , it will automatically start sleep mode.

Wireless Charging Dock

Users can charge various devices right next to the pillow

Mela sleep App

it connects directly to the Mela app. As well as giving you detailed metrics about your sleep, recording light, deep and REM sleep cycles, it can also detect snoring.

User scenario

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Senior Thesis 2020

Philhwan Cheon

Hi, I am Phil. Industrial design is so interesting to me because of the variety of fields you get to know through working on different products. With every project I am working on, I try to push boundaries, experiment with new experiences, and set the goal better at what I am doing.

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