A Better Harvest Workflow

David Pelaez

Greenhouse Harvest Tool

Porter is a cart that helps workers adapt to a tomato greenhouse environment by improving their posture during long work hours.

More than 50% of harvest workers suffer

from Musculoskeletal disorders.

This is because as plants grow throughout the harvest season, workers have to hold bad postures for long periods of time.

To achieve this, the design is divided in 4 parts and its simple fabrication makes it affordable to farmers.

The objective of the design is to keep the

torso in a natural position while working

As of today, 4 complete prototypes have been built and tested with the help of an agriculture company in Spain

Here is Porter's presentation video.

A more complete look at the project


Hola! I am David, a Spanish industrial designer

currently in San Francisco, California.


As a designer, a meaningful story always sticks with me. When I was a kid, I remember creating stop motion animations with my brother making objects tell a story that would stay with us. 

Now, I am happy to still enjoy a great story and always

aim to make a product meaningful to people. 

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